Mold Expert Consultants

News Release: Jan. 25, 2015

EnviroFry Warns Cross-C
ontamination Spreads Mold Between

Work, Homes, Vehicles, Pets, and People

“Elevated levels of indoor toxic mold in one location can easily cross-contaminate another location and occupants because of landed or deposited airborne mold spores on the skin, hair, clothes and shoes of occupants, visitors, and furry pets such as dogs and cats,” points out mold expert Phillip Fry, co-manager of EnviroFry, and webmaster of the websites and

Mold cross-contamination can happen in one or more of these scenarios---

1. Workers in, or visitors to, a mold-infested office, store, or other workplace are at risk for taking elsewhere airborne mold spores that have landed on their skin, hair, clothes, or shoes. Workers in a moldy workplace can easily spread those landed mold spores to their vehicles and homes to initiate mold growth therein.

2. If employees or business customers (such as hotel and motel guests) breathe in an elevated number of airborne mold spores, the building’s mold growth can result in transferred mold growth into the bodies of workers, customers, and guests, and subsequently their residences.

3. Similarly, employees who live in a moldy home environment can cross-contaminate mold spores from their homes to their places of employment, as well as their vehicles.

4. Mold growth hidden inside heating and cooling equipment and ducts can easily cross-contaminate the entire home or building and into the occupants’ bodies.

5. Cats and dogs on their fur can bring outdoor mold spores into family homes and vehicles.

Exposure to elevated levels of indoor mold growth can cause 100 major illnesses that are listed on the home page and mould health section of the mold education website and in Phillip Fry’s ebook Mold Health Guide, available at

If people are suffering from illnesses from mold at home or at work, both locations, as well as vehicles, should be inspected and tested for elevated levels of mold growth.

Similarly, mold victims should ask that their attending physician test each family member for internal mold growth, utilizing such tests as mold antibody blood testing, culturing of nasal cavity swabs, and urine mycotoxins testing. 

When toxic mold is growing, it throws into the breathing air large numbers of airborne mold spores and mycotoxin (volatile organic compound) poisons.

To schedule mold inspection, testing, and removal at home or at work in most USA cities and areas, phone Mr. Fry toll-free 1-866-300-1616 or cell 1-480-310-7970, or email, or visit

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