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News Release: June 19, 2014

Medical Lab Testing for Internal Mold Growth Suggested by EnviroFry for Toxic Mold Victims

“People who have been exposed to elevated levels of indoor toxic mold at home or at work should consult with their attending physician about the doctor’s ordering medical lab testing for the possibility of mold growing inside the mold victim’s body,” recommends Phillip Fry, Professional Industrial Hygienist, Certified Environmental Hygienist, and author of the ebook Mold Health Guide, available at

“When toxic mold is growing inside a home or workplace, the active mold growth throws into the air both mold spores and poisonous volatile organic compounds called mycotoxins,” adds Mr. Fry, whose EnviroFry Environmental Hygienists international firm provides professional mold inspection, testing, and removal for residences, commercial buildings, and public buildings in most U.S. cities and areas, plus Ontario Province, and Southeast Asia cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Manila.

Some of the available medical mold tests that an attending physician can order to check a patient for internal mold growth are:

1. Mold antibody blood testing.  One’s body produces blood antibodies to fight internal mold growth. Each mold species produces an identifiable mold antibody that can be lab analyzed as to the specific causative mold.  The mold victim and his or her physician can compare the lab results for mold antibody testing with the lab results for mold species discovered, identified, and quantified in the EnviroFry mold testing of the home or building.

2. Nasal swab. The doctor can take a swab inside the patient’s sinus cavities through the nose. That sinus swab is then medical lab cultured for mold species identification and quantification.

3.  Urine testing. The physician can send a patient urine sample to a lab specializing in analyzing urine for the presence of mold mycotoxins.  Urine analysis for mycotoxins is one of the best ways to determine the presence, type, and amount of mycotoxins in the mold victim’s body.

4. Chest x-ray. The physician can use various chest x-ray views to locate mold-caused lung cancer or the lung-destroying Aspergillosis mold species.

In addition, the physician will be helped in his treatment of the mold victim by reading the mold lab species identification and quantification of mold growth found by EnviroFry environmental hygienists anywhere inside the patient’s home or workplace, including inside walls, ceilings, floors, basement, crawl space, attic, and heating/cooling equipment and ducts.

Medical mold testing, in conjunction with home or building mold testing, can help pursue or defend a mold legal claim between a landlord and tenant, employer and employee, property seller and buyer, and other situations where there is legal significance to the discovery of mold infestation and resulting health problems for occupants of mold-infested properties.

To schedule an in depth mold inspection and testing of a residence or building in Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York City, or in most other cities and areas in Midwestern and Eastern United States, email mold consultant Phillip Fry You can also phone Mr. Fry toll-free 1-866-300-1616, or his cell phone 1-480-310-7970, and visit the websites and

Mold Growth Lab
Grow, count, and identify only living mold spores in your self-collected Mold Growth Lab surface samples, air samples, and bulk physical samples worldwide, both before and after mold remediation with mold growth Petri lab dishes from Mold Growth Lab.
Mold Growth Lab provides you with easy-to-follow mold testing steps to use both Mold Growth Lab surface samplers and Petri lab dishes to collect possible mold growth on any surface, in room air, in the outward air flow from heating/cooling air ducts, and on mold growth on building material physical specimens.
You can self-observe the lab dishes for 7 days to know: (1) is it mold? (2) is the mold alive? (3) how many mold colonies grew in the 7 day observation period.  Only living mold spores will grow in the special mold food habitat inside the Petri lab dishes. Each living mold spore will grow a separate, distinguishable, countable, and identifiable mold colony. Dead mold spores will grow NO mold colonies.
After the 7 day culture growth time period, each lab dish can be analyzed by our partner mold analysis lab to identify and quantify the mold colonies that have grown during that 7 days, and then provide a written report with such mold species identification and quantification.

For more information on mold inspection and mold lab analysis, email Phillip Fry or phone toll-free 866-300-1616 or cell phone 480-310-7970 or visit  


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