January 18, 2015. Napa, California.  "Thank you so much, Phil…I will gather samples like CSI today and lift them like fingerprints. I will label and place each individual sample in its own sandwich bag. I will combine all the bags into a gallon storage bag and mail them to the lab address. My wife would be grateful and happy to pay you for your services. You truly are a God-Send. Thank You, Brother. Sincerely, Dennis E. Maykowski, military veteran."

     ►Dec. 21, 2014. Mexico, Missouri. "My life was crazy for two years and then on November 4, 2014 "crazy" got a new meaning. At approximately 1:30 am my boyfriend, Michael was awakened to the sound of running water. I was awakened to him asking me how to turn off the water to the dishwasher that did not even function at the time. After turning the water off and calling my home owners insurance a water damage company that was subcontracted with the insurance company was on site. Three days later our Missouri November day was greeted by 18 commercial dryers and 98 degree temps in the house with the furnace off. I was devastated that my 5 year old Habitat for Humanity home was in such chaos. Carpet and vinyl flooring was removed and the drying process was almost complete. I contacted a contractor by referral of a friend and by November 12, 2014 things were more than crazy. The contractor came in and pulled the under layment up on the flooring areas and discovered mold. Devastation  was an understatement at this point. I then contacted several different companies and eventually got in touch with a mold hygienist. Testing was done and we discovered that the mold was not only visible but also airborne. In less than a month my daughter was due with my first grandchild and it seemed as though this was worse than any nightmare I could have ever imagined. Once the reports were in the job ahead of me was to contact companies for remediation. The only company I could get to come in wanted $28,990 to remediate my home (more than what had even been paid on it). By accident and through a web search I found Phillip and Divine Fry with EnviroFry. I say by accident but I believe this was God looking out for me and my family. Within a week of calling EnviroFry was on site and in 24 hours my mold was remediated. The HVAC system was thoroughly and efficiently cleaned. Before coming to Missouri to help with the HVAC system, Phil was good about answering my questions either by email or phone so that the preliminary work, could be done when he arrived. Never did Michael or I feel like we were being talked down to like we were less than intelligent individuals. Phil took many phone calls from this at times hysterical home owner and turned hysteria into a mission to reclaim my home. After Phil and his team were in my house I was amazed. I could go into my house without a respirator aka Darth Vader mask and construction began. As I write this it is a matter of days before we get to return home to a brand new, mold free and virus free home. My precious little granddaughter will get to join us in our new home and I could not be happier. Phil's knowledge and work has assured me that we will return home with nothing to worry about. Now anyone who comes to me with that same look of desperation I can honestly say that I know someone who can help them."---Melissa Tully, Mexico, Missouri