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“The squalid truth
South China Morning Post, major Hong Kong newspaper, Aug. 20, 2012

We’ve all heard about the miserable lives of people in subdivided flats in Hong Kong.. But reporter Joanna Chiu decided to go further. She realized she could only really understand the problem by moving in herself…(the excerpt below is from Joanna’s article).

In the morning, I call Philip Fry, who runs an international mould removal company and mould inspection-training centre. "If your air conditioner is leaking, it is already filled with mould," he tells me. "When you turn it on, especially in a poorly ventilated room, it will just blow the spores everywhere.

"You can get sick within a matter of hours. There are mould varieties in Hong Kong that can cause cancer and disease in the lungs and brain."

Fry says it is likely improper piping and inadequate ventilation led to the leaks and mould and urges me to abandon the place for the sake of my health.

Heeding his advice, I move out after just one week. But for 100,000 Hongkongers, that will never be an option, no matter what health problems their living conditions cause.

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