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News Release: Feb. 9, 2014

EnviroFry Explains How to Protect Against and Prevent Fraudulent Mold Testing
by Insurance Companies, Sellers, Landlords, & Employers

“Intentionally-fraudulent mold testing to either increase or decrease reported mold spore or mold colony counts in mold lab reports is much more common than mold victims such as insured water damage claimants, home buyers, tenants, and employees expect or know about,” warn Phillip and Divine Fry, Professional Industrial Hygienists, Certified Environmental Hygienists, and Certified Mold Inspectors.

The Frys’ international EnviroFry firm provides mold inspection, removal, remediation, and prevention services in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, nationwide USA, Canada, China, and southeast Asia.

“Dishonest mold inspectors can distort mold test lab results upwards in order to justify unnecessary mold removal and remediation bids that the inspectors make to remediate mold problems that either don’t exist or are overly-exaggerated in severity and extent,” points out Mr. Fry, who is author of five mold advice books available at and executive director of the association

Similarly, unethical mold inspectors can skew mold test results downward to minimize mold spore and mold colony counts and therefore downsize actual mold health threats to enable their insurance company, home seller or realtor, landlord, or employer clients to shirk and escape their responsibility to provide fair insurance claim payment, mold-safe housing, and environmentally-safe workplaces.

“Dishonest mold inspectors have many ways to distort mold test results, such as submitting to the mold analysis laboratory surface mold samples and air mold samples from a low-mold environment that is actually another home or building, instead of from the actual home or commercial building that was supposed to be inspected professionally and accurately,” explains Mr. Fry, webmaster since 1999 of the 300 page mold information website

Likewise, because mold air tests, such as done with an air sampling pump connected to an air testing cassette, require a precise, reported-to-the-lab test time duration of five minutes at the recommended, selected, and calibrated air intake rate of 15 liters of air per minute, unethical mold inspectors can wrongfully increase or decrease collected and reported mold spore counts by such fraudulent practices as: (1) making the actual test time duration less than, or greater than, the reported five minute test duration; (2) setting the air pump at an air intake rate that is less than, or greater than, the reported 15 liters of air per minute; and (3) partially covering or closing the air intake chute of the air testing cassette.

In addition, dishonest mold inspectors can take surface or air samples in house or commercial building areas that they know will have no or minimal mold growth.

Learn the steps and procedures involved in objective and honestly-conducted mold inspections and mold testing at

Insured policyholders, property owners and managers, property buyers, rental tenants, and employees can protect themselves against fraudulent mold test results by taking the following five steps:

1. Hire only an experienced and trained Professional Industrial Hygienist, Certified Environmental Hygienist, or Certified Mold Inspector, for whom you have checked his or her client references, Better Business Bureau record, and Angie’s List website. Visit the mold inspector directory

2. Pay for your own professional and independent mold inspection and testing and never, ever rely upon the honesty and truthfulness of mold inspection reports and testing that have been paid for by parties who have a financial interest adverse to your own, such as a landlord if you are a tenant, home seller if you are the buyer, employer if you are an employee, or insurance company if you are making an insurance claim for water and mold damage.

3. When any mold inspector, whether hired by you or not, does his or her mold inspection and testing, accompany the inspector to watch over exactly how and where the mold tests are taken. Make sure that surface sampling and air testing actually done match the entries of the mold samples logged on to the mold lab’s chain of custody form, such as the test’s time duration and air flow rate per minute.

4. During the mold inspection, take many pictures of the inspector in action, as well as close up pictures of all discovered and documented water intrusion and mold damage to both the building and its contents.

5. Have the mold laboratory chain of custody prepared in your presence, and then you and the inspector jointly deliver the mold samples and chain of custody in a sealed FedEx or Post Office express or priority mail envelope to the FedEx pickup driver or FedEx office, or U.S. Post Office for direct delivery to the official mold lab address.

To schedule your EnviroFry mold inspection and testing anywhere in Arizona, Nevada, California, or anywhere else in the USA or Canada, email Phillip Fry or phone Phillip toll-free (USA and Canada) 1-866-300-1616, or Phillip’s cell phone 1-480-310-7970, or visit

For EnviroFry mold inspections and testing in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, or Philippines, email Certified Environmental Hygienist Phillip Fry,  or visit

Mold Growth Lab
Grow, count, and identify only living mold spores in your self-collected Mold Growth Lab surface samples, air samples, and bulk physical samples worldwide, both before and after mold remediation with mold growth Petri lab dishes from Mold Growth Lab.
Mold Growth Lab provides you with easy-to-follow mold testing steps to use both Mold Growth Lab surface samplers and Petri lab dishes to collect possible mold growth on any surface, in room air, in the outward air flow from heating/cooling air ducts, and on mold growth on building material physical specimens.
You can self-observe the lab dishes for 7 days to know: (1) is it mold? (2) is the mold alive? (3) how many mold colonies grew in the 7 day observation period.  Only living mold spores will grow in the special mold food habitat inside the Petri lab dishes. Each living mold spore will grow a separate, distinguishable, countable, and identifiable mold colony. Dead mold spores will grow NO mold colonies.
After the 7 day culture growth time period, each lab dish can be analyzed by our partner mold analysis lab to identify and quantify the mold colonies that have grown during that 7 days, and then provide a written report with such mold species identification and quantification.

For more information on mold inspection and mold lab analysis, email Phillip Fry or phone toll-free 866-300-1616 or cell phone 480-310-7970 or visit  


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